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What subjects do you offer?

PCLLCONVERSIONEXAM.COM offers all subjects required for the PCLL Conversion Examinations. This includes Hong Kong Legal Systems, Hong Kong Constitutional Law, Hong Kong Land Law, Evidence, Commercial Part A B C and Business Associations. Civil Procedure and Criminal Procedure are no longer required for the examinations; however, we offer them as a point of reference for students who may want extra notes!

Are your notes updated?

PCLLCONVERSIONEXAM.COM ensures that their notes are updated. We release a new editions every year to ensure that our students receive the updates on the major case law and statutes (if any).

How good are your notes?

For over 8 years, many of our students are able to pass the PCLL Conversion Examinations first-time using notes provided by PCLLCONVERSIONEXAM.COM. To see for yourself, click on each subject for a free preview!

What is the difference between Exam Notes and Past Paper Answers?

Our Exam Notes focus on providing our students with an in-depth understanding of relevant case-law and statutes. On the other hand, our Past Paper Answers provide model answers to various questions commonly examined by the PCEA. By combining the two, we are confident that our students will have a strong grasp / understanding of the subjects as a whole.

How do I receive the notes?

PCLLCONVERSIONEXAM.COM will send a physical copy of our notes to you via mail. All domestic and international shipping costs are free!

Can you send me online copies of your notes?

Unfortunately, PCLLCONVERSIONEXAM.COM only offers physical copies of their notes. 

How long will shipping take?

PCLLCONVERSIONEXAM.COM understands that you will need your notes ASAP. Domestic orders will approximately take 2-4 business days to arrive, whilst international orders will approximately take 5-7 business days. Faster delivery may be possible upon request.

Do you offer discounts?

PCLLCONVERSIONEXAM.COM offers discounts all-year round. For further discounts, please message us on Whatsapp +852 6057 8179 for more details!


What are your terms and conditions?

Our terms and conditions can be found in

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